morten winther

Volkswagen Group

Digital Mobility Assistants.

Leading global research and design in AI-powered digital assistants.

In VW Group Innovation, we're exploring ways to make digital assistants more empathic, trustworthy, and helpful for diverse mobility needs. Today. And in autonomous futures.

Due to the confidential nature of the work, I am not able to share detailed information. My role in the project is to frame the long-term vision for the research topic and ensure high-quality design outcomes.

I had the pleasure to hire Morten on my team at VW Group. His ability to design think through complex problems, create empathy for the consumer, and drive for the best user experience, through pixel perfection was always polished and well-received. I was able to throw any project at Morten. His ability to adjust to come up with concepts to any given problem and have one of the best attitudes I have seen in a designer was truly appreciated and well respected. I can't wait to work with Morten again in the future.

Ryan Williams, Design Leadership Executive at Intuitive Surgical

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