morten winther

UX mentoring & coaching.

I've worked as a UX designer in various types of businesses and different industries. I enjoy sharing these experiences to guide and be a sounding board for other UX designers.

    Mentoring topics:

  • Goals and planning a career in UX
  • Defining your UX skills profile
  • Understanding how to be a UX success in your organization
  • Creative confidence & imposter syndrome
  • High-level portfolio review
  • ... and whatever else will help designers grow as thoughtful, reflective UX practitioners.
  • I don't offer feedback on specific project work, tutorials in software tools, or US immigration and visa guidance.

I offer individual and group mentoring sessions through ADPList.

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I am also available through the community.

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My approach to mentoring
and coaching

While studying for my university degree, I worked 5 years as a student counselor. Here, I coached students about career planning, competence clarification, academic self-doubt, and much more. I received training in counseling theory and coaching methods, and I will draw on this in my approach to mentoring and coaching.

I don't believe in mentoring as a shortcut or quick-fix — mentors aren't not supposed to have all the answers. But through sharing experiences, the mentee (and mentor) will learn and grow as a designer.